Title: Treacle Lung

Year: 2011

Description: A kinetic device for smoking cigarettes.

Size: 28cm /11" high.

Materials: Lyle's Black Treacle tin, brass, wood, Marigold rubber glove and cigarette (not supplied).

Edition: 1 off

KK Outlet challenged a group of leading artists, designers and stylists to take an everyday object, remould, rebuild and repurpose it to create an entirely new item using as little additional materials as possible.

The aim of the project is to create a collection of re-imagined objects which highlight not only how everyday items can be recycled into something new but also how we think differently when we work with our hands and how physical interaction creates new ideas over and above working through concepts on screen.The full collection of transformed works was shown at KK Outlet throughout September as part of 2011 London Design Festival and the ICON Design Guide.



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